Neptune Auto Fish Feeder (AFS) Tube

$15 - $18

This Neptune AFS feeder tube solves 2 things:

1) Keeping our fish friends from carpet surfing - especially those crafty, little guys

2) Keeping the food from going straight into the overflow


(a) width

(b) depth

(c) left edge - from midline to left edge

(d) right edge - from midline to right edge

Height: 50mm (~2")

Top edge to edge: 97.5mm depth x 100mm width ( ~3.84" x ~3.9")

Color options: black, orange, blue, gray, white.

Frozen Food Filter - 100um


Tired of trying to defrost and rinse frozen mysis in a net or some household makeshift sieve? Us too!

Check out the video below for recommended use. Since the food is still frozen, the degradation of the food between feedings should be greatly reduced. However, we don't recommend keeping the frozen food in this state for more than 24 hrs. 100um filter is small enough to capture newly hatched brine shrimp as well.

Color options: black, orange, blue, gray, white.

Magnetic Tool Bar Mounting set

$18 for each set - set comes with 2 bars

As aquarium enthusiasts, we take pride in keeping our tank set up nice and clean. These tool bars are made with super strong waterproof magnets. They have no problem holding up heavy duty stainless steel tools.

Magnet bars come with super strong nano tape backing for mounting. Wash and dry to restore stickiness. Do not use on fragile walls or paint.

We use these magnets to keep our tools dry and out of the water. At the same time, we are effectively using that wall space in our cabinet! We mount our magnets near our filter floss cups for HOOT - Hands Out Of Tank - super simple maintenance.

Dimensions: 5"L x 0.32" D x 0.75"H each

Color options: black, orange, blue, gray, white.

Reef Filter Floss Cup - Red Sea Reefer compatible!


Sump space is precious! Downsize your filter floss cups to 25% the size and maintain the same efficiency.

With taller filter cups, we were throwing out 2x the filter floss in the same amount of time. It was so wasteful. With these cups, we use half the floss and change them out every 3 days. Additionally, we recaptured the space with 3x the media that we were able to fit originally.

Check out our Blog for more details!

Height: 2 inches. Fits seamlessly into Red Sea Reefer filter tray.

Color options: black, orange, blue, gray, white.

Twin-tub Portable Washing Machine with Spin-Dry

Keep your aquarium laundry separate from home laundry and potential outside contaminants!

We love this particular model because of the SEE-THRU body. This unit is just the right capacity to wash our larger towels for big cleaning days and the right speed and efficiency for dirty filter socks.

We also liked that the unit is made of sturdy high-density plastic with stainless steel drum. Feels built to last!

Dimensions: 25.2 x 22.05 x 14.96 inches, 22lbs

Noopsyche K7 Pro 2 LED Adapter Tray for Red Sea Pendant System


With cable management in mind, we custom designed this adapter tray to fit the Noopsyche K7 Pro 2 LED lighting for the RedSea Pendant system. Check out our Blog for more details!

Overall dimensions: 7.76in x 7.32in x 0.96in

Fit shown: Red Sea Pendant System 39" - 48"

120mm Fan Insert for Red Sea Pendant System


Two of these fan inserts will complete the sleek integration of the Red Sea Pendant system when using 3 Noopsyche K7 Pro 2 lights in the 39"-48" system. If you need a custom size for another length, just reach out!

These 120mm fans have special high profile fan blades for maximum air flow and some with 3pin/4pin connectors. Check out our Blog for more details!

Overall dimensions per piece: 5.71in x 7.18in x 0.5in